Interesting song on Sikh History

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Quick OS X Protip: Update bash

So bash 4.0 includes some pretty nifty options like autocd and cdspell, but OS X comes with a very old version. Here’s a one-liner to update bash and set as the default:

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FBB: Annoying Beard Questions

Not too far off the mark.

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My OS X Application Setup

Here is a complete list of all the client-side applications I  have added to the default OS X install and use on a (near) daily basis. I’ll do a series of posts with a detailed breakdown of many of the apps soon. This is really just intended to be documentation for myself, but I thought […]

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Costco Parking Lot


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FBB:Beard Whip

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The Forgotten Element

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Awesome – Timelapse video from ISS

No comments needed:

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[HowTo]Install ChiliProject on CentOS 5.6 take two

This is a quick guide on how to setup ChiliProject (or redmine) on CentOS 5.6. This is a followup to this post, with some different, slightly better methodology. I’ll likely be iterating on this guide a few times, so check the blog for updates before launching into this. At the time of writing, ChiliProject v1.4.0 […]

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ਤ੍ਰਿਬਰਗੇ – Tribarge – Meaning

So in our regular gurbani meetings, we often run across certain words that hold a lot of meaning and depth, that can be difficult to understand and remember. Today this word, that has come up several times in Jaap Sahib came up for discussion, so I thought I’d write done the results and share it […]

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