How to fix fonts on windows mobile after installing STTM or Gurbani Anywhere

I’ve received this question many many times so here is a step by step guide to reset your Windows mobile (5 or 6) device’s system fonts after installing a punjabi font.

1 – BACKUP your device. I use Sprite Backup, but you can use whatever came with your phone
2 – Connect your device to your computer, sync it up and leave it plugged in.
3 – Download this: CeRegEditor (direct link to download)

Follow the directions in the following pictures, go in order else it won’t make sense :)

The four keys you need to change are:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\GDI\SysFnt find "Nm" and set to Tahoma
HKLM\SYSTEM\GWE\Menu\Menufnt\Barfnt find "Nm" and set to Tahoma
HKLM\SYSTEM\GWE\Menu\Menufnt\Popfnt find "Nm" and set to Tahoma
HKEY_LOCAL_MAHINE\SYSTEM\GDI\FontAlias and set to Tahoma

Once you are done making all 4 changes, hit the save button. Exit CeRegEditor. Reset your phone. You fonts should be reset and everything should be back to normal. Gurbani Anywhere should work as promised and all will be right with the world!

Note: I used CeRegEditor in this guide, but any Windows Mobile Registry editor will work, personally I use one that runs directly on my phone because it’s easier for me, but I thought a desktop based editor may be simpler for others. I use Resco explorer and I highly recommend it!

Gurbani Anywhere – Bani on your Windows Mobile Phone

Gurbani Anywhere

So my buddy Mr. Sikhnet contacted me and pointed me to this intriguing app called Gurbani Anywhere. This App promises to “enable fast and efficient methods to search & display Gurbani, on a truly mobile platform.”

So I registered on the website and waited (not-so)patiently for a several hours to get my membership approved. (Update: they have listened to user requests and enabled email activation rather than manual administrator activation for the website – definetly much easier to get to the download and forums now!)Finally got the download link so let’s have a look!

The app is distributed as a .zip file download from the site containing a terse README and a standard CAB file. Any owner of a windows mobile phone will know what this is and immediately what to do with it. Note: The application and cab file come in at a hefty 66MB so you will definitely want to transfer and install this to a storage card rather than to your phones (or PDA’s) main memory.

So I transferred the cab file over to my phone and installed it to the card. Let’s take a first-look visual tour!

Overall I found this to be a very nifty app, and I’m sure once the developers do some more updates, this will quickly¬† become the defacto standard in Sikh mobile applications. Personally I’ve allready replaced Sikhi To The Max – Mobile on my phone with this, as it’s much better, more stable, has active developers, has more features, and is generally a better product. The various cool features, and addition of SDGS and Bhai Gurdas Vara make it especially compelling. I would strongly encourage everyone with a windows mobile device to run over to the website, register, download, and give some positive feedback to the developers as soon as you can!

Unlike my usual self, I will not mirror the installer here as the developers have asked that everyone please register on their site/forums