Happy New Year!

newyearWishing Everyone a Happy Nanakshahi New Years! GURU CHARDHI KALA Bakhshey!!
I think today would be the perfect day to launch my website/blog/random idea site so here it is! On this site I hope to regularly post lots of cool stuff, so make sure to check back regularly!

Often throughout the web you can be browsing and you run into a blog or personal website that hasn’t been updated in years, despite the fact that it showed some great potential to become a really cool site. Also browsing around you see  a lot of cool Sikhi-related things that you bookmark, only to find at a later date that the site no longer exists and the cool file/link/picture/download or whatever you liked is nowhere to be found.

To that end I hope to start and maintain the SikhNerd Sikh Resource Archive where I will keep a copy of all the cool stuff  I think is worth saving and archiving forever. If you have some suggestions for things worth saving/mirroring/archiving please shoot me an email  – sra  @  sikhnerd.com

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