New Feature: Friday Beard Blogging!

Ladies and Gentleman, welcome to the newest feature of this blog: Friday Beard Blogging! Every Friday I’ll post up something all about beards and mustaches. Why you ask? Why Not!?? Beards are great!

Start of this with a great song by an Australian Band called The Beards! You guessed it, a band whose songs are all about beards! I present to you “If Your Dad Doesn’t Have a Beard, You’ve Got Two Mums” (Slightly NSFW) Link and embedded below:

One thought on “New Feature: Friday Beard Blogging!”

  1. funny thing is when i first came to the united states…in cali…i saw all these people walking around the street and i said to my dad: “dad where are all the bande?”
    “i see so many women, theres no men”
    i was like 8

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