Sikh Odyssey – Sikh Religion and Punjab Trivia Game

Check out this AWESOME game by Kulbir Kaur. It’s a trivia game all about Sikhi and related history.

It looks very professional and fun to play. Some Sample questions:

Q: Which Guru lived the longest?

A: Guru Amaar Das Ji , 95

Q: Name the five rivers of Punjab.

A: Jhelum, Chinab, Ravi, Sutlej, Beas

Q: When did Maharaja Ranjit Singh rule


A: 1799 – 1839

Q: Who was the first Sikh Guru to be a martyr?

A: Guru Arjan Dev Ji, May 1606

Q: Who was the first Sikh woman martyr?

A: Mata Gujri Ji.

Q: When was Bhagat Singh born?

A:  27 September 1907

Q: When was the first Gurudwara Sahib opened

in Canada?

A:  1908

Q: What does “Singh” mean?

A:  Lion

Q: How many shabads are in Guru Gran Sahib Ji?

A: 5872

Q: How many times does the Mool Manter appear in Guru granth Sahib Ji?

A: 33 times

Can’t wait till I get my hands on one of these. You guys and gals should check out the game and get one yourself!