Amnesty International: India Government has failed victims of 1984 Sikh massacre

Amnesty International (UK) has put out a press release condemning the actions of the Indian Government in bringing justice to the Sikhs for 1984. While what the Indian government is doing (and has been doing for so long) is not unexpected, it’s always nice to see respected international organizations recognizing that.

All those responsible for the massacre must be brought to justice – whether they are political leaders, police or government officials.

Taliban chasing out Sikh Families in Orakzai

Interesting side story about how the Taliban is basically kicking out impoverished Sikh families from areas of Pakistan. With Pakistani President giving more power and land to the Taliban in recent days it’s only going to get worse. Full story reproduced below:

Sikh families leave Orakzai after Taliban demand jizia

By Abdul Saboor Khan

HANGU: Sikh families living in Orakzai Agency have left the agency after the Taliban demanded Rs 50 million as jizia (tax) from them, official sources and locals said on Tuesday.

Residents of Ferozekhel area in Lower Orakzai Agency told Daily Times on Tuesday that around 10 Sikh families left the agency after the demand by the Taliban, who said they were a minority and liable to pay the tax for living in the area in accordance with sharia.

Locals said the Taliban had notified the Sikh families about the ‘tax’ around a week ago. They said of the 15 Sikh families in Ferozekhel, 10 had shifted while the remaining were preparing to do so.

The locals said the families were impoverished and had left the area to avoid any Taliban action.