Recent Researches in Sikhism

Today I give you a pretty cool book entitled “Recent Researches in Sikhism” by Jasbir Singh Mann & Kharak Singh. Published in 1990 this book presents and clear and consice break down of all the “Modern” looks into the Sikh religion. While it was published almost 20 years ago, I can assure you almost all of the editors findings still hold true, and actually make you think a lot about how Sikhism is presented and viewed in academia. A must read for even the smallest of nerds.


Updated:April 14, 2009
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How Europe Is Indebted to The Sikhs

europeToday I give to you a wonderful book by Bhupinder Singh Holland entitled “How Europe Is Indebted to the Sikhs?” In this book Bhupinder Singh outlines the large number of sacrifices and deeds done by sikhs in the last few hundred years that have influenced, shaped, and saved Europe and specific European countries.

At about 200 pages, this book is a very quick and fast read, most Sikhs and people knowledgeable about Sikhism reading it can skip straight to the 7th chapter, as the beginning of the book is a brief summary of who and what sikhs are.


Updated:April 14, 2009
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