FBB: The Story of Lincoln’s Beard

´╗┐The Story of Lincoln’s Beard

It is probably the most famous face, and certainly the most famous beard, in the history of the world. There are more portraits of it in existence than of any other face. Indeed, they outnumber the entire population of flesh-and-blood human beings who have ever lived onthe planet.


FBB: The Quest for every beard

Photographs of one man trying to attain every major beard type:

The Quest For Every Beard Type

The handy reference chart he’s following embedded below:

Types of Facial Hair
Types of Facial Hair

New Feature: Friday Beard Blogging!

Ladies and Gentleman, welcome to the newest feature of this blog: Friday Beard Blogging! Every Friday I’ll post up something all about beards and mustaches. Why you ask? Why Not!?? Beards are great!

Start of this with a great song by an Australian Band called The Beards! You guessed it, a band whose songs are all about beards! I present to you “If Your Dad Doesn’t Have a Beard, You’ve Got Two Mums” (Slightly NSFW) Link and embedded below:

Trustworthiness of Beards

Funny. I’m way to the left :)

Where do you fall on this Chart?