What keeps me doing Panthic Work

These days it’s really easy for me to tell other to go away, and that “I’m busy, sorry – no time”

But the reality is that as a Sikh it’s my duty to do panthic work. Right now the only thing that keeps me involved with Sikh Organizations is this paragraph from the Reht Maryada:

The concept of service is not confined to fanning the congregation, service to and in the Guru ka Langar etc. A Sikh’s entire life is a life of benevolent exertion. The most fruitful service is the service that secures the optimum good by minimal endeavour. That can be achieved through organised collective action. A Sikh has, for this reason, to fulfil his/her Panthic obligations (obligations as a member of the corporate entity, the Panth), even as he/she performs his/her individual duties.

(emphasis mine). This basically tells me that any seva I do should be the most efficient possible, and it seems obvious that to be efficient (and lazy) I should be doing it with others so that my efforts have the most effect. Honestly, even though I’m mostly burned out, this paragraph keeps me involved with Sehaj, The Sikh Coalition, and others.

What keeps you going?

One thought on “What keeps me doing Panthic Work”

  1. My motivation factor is usually my Sangat. In this case, Sikhnerd.

    But I do think that an individual has to figure out for themselves where and how they want become involved in Panthic work. That in my opinion is probably the first vital step in becoming an efficient and productive member of the Panth. Without that focus, an individual becomes more lazy and less productive. Example #1 – Izhaarbir. =)

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