Waheguru Knows We Are Retarded


I think it’s awesome cool that guru knows we’re retarded, every shabad tells us a little more, but repeats the last part a bit cause probably we still didn’t get it. Everytime in a different way cause we all relate differently to different situations (e.g Merchant/mom/dad/begger/rich person) Tells us the same/similar thing again and again until our dumbasses get it.

Every Saturday morning I get together with some like-minding Singhs and Kaurs to go over some bani. Currently we are going through Anand Sahib, trying to get some understanding of what this essential part of our nitnem is trying to teach us. It really strikes me sometimes how maybe in one pauri I don’t really get what’s going on (yes, I’m a dumbass) but by the time we’ve read the darpans explanation of the next pauri I totally “get” what’s going on in the last two pauri’s, all because every pauri is related to the other!

I’m sure many of you have come to similar revelations when going over bani, I just think it’s absolutely amazing that I have that revelation again, and again, and again everytime we read some more shabads, tukhs, or even sakhis!

4 thoughts on “Waheguru Knows We Are Retarded”

  1. lol i agree tht i am retarded and a dumbass

    but u shouldnt call other people retard.. or dumbass … especially if the person is a gurmuck… cause guru sahib ji loves gurmucks

    things like retard or gurmuck
    u should only call yourself not other people

    didnt gurbani teach u that?

    waheguru ji ka khalsa
    waheguru ji ke fateh

  2. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh!
    I love it :)
    May Waheguru Do bunch of Kirpa on you :)
    Sat Sri Akaal

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