Introduction: Gurbani Groups Project

So at Saanjh 2009 we were split up into several large groups and given a problem, and several steps to a real-world solution. Below I’ve embedded the presentation my group gave with our proposed solution. In the coming weeks I hope to move quickly forward on this project, and hopefully meet all the long-term goals outlined in the presentation.

If ¬†you’ve got some input, or would like to help in this effort, or just have a quick suggestion – PLEASE reply in the comments so we can get in contact with you. There are allready meetings in Houston and Atlanta that exist, and THIS Friday there will be a meeting in San Fransisco area. Later this month there is one planned for Los. Angeles. If you are interested in any of these, just get in contact with me and I will put you in touch with the appropriate people.

2 thoughts on “Introduction: Gurbani Groups Project”

  1. Excellent idea. I like the presentation. I want to highlight 3 more things.

    1. It is extremely important for content to be standardized and double-checked. So, we will need “Sikhi/Gurbani experts”.

    2. The content should range from articles to books and videos. And should be available in both English and Punjabi (at the least).

    3. The effort should be well-coordinated since it will take place at multiple locations. This coordination effort MUST include Punjab/Delhi and other regions in India where Sikhs are in high concentration (besides other global locations). I have noticed that some organizations are more effective in one geography than other. So, the effort is not fully utilized. If all regions are involved right from the start, this pitfall can be avoided.

    I would be more than happy to contribute in any way possible.

    Riputapan Singh

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