Gurbani Anywhere – Bani on your Windows Mobile Phone

Gurbani Anywhere

So my buddy Mr. Sikhnet contacted me and pointed me to this intriguing app called Gurbani Anywhere. This App promises to “enable fast and efficient methods to search & display Gurbani, on a truly mobile platform.”

So I registered on the website and waited (not-so)patiently for a several hours to get my membership approved. (Update: they have listened to user requests and enabled email activation rather than manual administrator activation for the website – definetly much easier to get to the download and forums now!)Finally got the download link so let’s have a look!

The app is distributed as a .zip file download from the site containing a terse README and a standard CAB file. Any owner of a windows mobile phone will know what this is and immediately what to do with it. Note: The application and cab file come in at a hefty 66MB so you will definitely want to transfer and install this to a storage card rather than to your phones (or PDA’s) main memory.

So I transferred the cab file over to my phone and installed it to the card. Let’s take a first-look visual tour!

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Overall I found this to be a very nifty app, and I’m sure once the developers do some more updates, this will quickly  become the defacto standard in Sikh mobile applications. Personally I’ve allready replaced Sikhi To The Max – Mobile on my phone with this, as it’s much better, more stable, has active developers, has more features, and is generally a better product. The various cool features, and addition of SDGS and Bhai Gurdas Vara make it especially compelling. I would strongly encourage everyone with a windows mobile device to run over to the website, register, download, and give some positive feedback to the developers as soon as you can!

Unlike my usual self, I will not mirror the installer here as the developers have asked that everyone please register on their site/forums

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  1. It depends on the device. I’ve tested it on a few devices. Works fine on any device running Windows mobile 5 or 6. Beyond that I can’t say. It won’t be hard to try or ask on the Gurbani Anywhere forums.

  2. pl tell more details that how i can select and get on my mobile any shabad being sung by any kirtania anywhere.

  3. i m having sony xperia x1.
    could u please tell me where from
    i download this software

    Veer g plz tell me if this software is available for nokia 6233.
    or any other similar gurbani software for nokia6233

  5. Mridveesh – There is no other software for your phone, however Gurbani Anywhere will be released for it eventually. How long from now? Go ask on their forums :)

  6. Cool app, I have a Windows Mobile 5.1 Emulator ( Fake Working PDA on Desktop ) As I speak I am installing from the GA website and test it.

    It will not work on mobiles with symbian S60 e.g. E71, N95 etc. But I seen the developers are working on it.

    Presently it works on Windows Mobiles. e.g HP PDA, etc.

    Google your phone model and “specification” to find out if your phone is supported.

    Khushwant singh
    PS: Nice domain Sikh Nerd, !!

  7. Er.A.S.Thind, !! and all others, this software works only on Windows Mobile platform, operating system. !! Will NOT work on laptop directly. You would either need to install Microsoft Device Emulator, or install it on a device supportive of this platform.

    Nokia owners: – Once the symbian version is out you can try your luck

  8. HI I really like this apps.I have HTC VIVA 6.1 WM installed.Apps work like charm but there is aproblem with system fonts and punjabi fonts in this apps.when i go to comm setting I can’t see there likw wifi blue tooth. all i see boxes. any suggestion for that. how i can fix that problem.


    Veerji, In what way is this app diff from Sikhi to The Max. Also, can you please tell me which mobile phone can support SikhiToTheMax software. Is that also compatible only with a Windows Mobile Phone or a Symbian Version is available?

    Guru Bhali Karan

  10. Gur Fateh Ji


    STTM also works only on windows mobile 5 and 6.

    This software accomplishes all that STTM mobile software does and more. Think of it as a better, lighter, easier, and more functional version. I highly recommend Gurbani Anywhere over STTM-mobile.

    Akal Sahai!

  11. WJKK WJKF!!

    Thanks a lot for the information Veerji.

    Just want to trouble you a little more. Need a suggestion, since you seem to be Mobile Savvy. I’m planning to buy a new phone just for the GA app. Although one can argue that it depends upon personal choice, but which phone wud you recommend (keeping the application in mind)? A Windows Mobile Phone or a Symbian (I’ll have to wait for the Symbian version of GA in that case)? Please respond. This would be a great help to me!

    Guru Raakha!!

  12. Really it does come down to personal needs and opinions, however if your aim is to view SGGS on your phone, really your only options currently (and for the forseeable future) is either a Windows Mobile 6 (full version, not crappy express version) phone, or the iphone.

    I wouldn’t hold my breath on the symbian edition of GA.

  13. Is gurbani anywhere compatible with the phone ASUS P320? If yes then how to install it after downloading?

  14. Aman : No
    Guankas: Yes! Follow the instructions on their website, you install it same as any windows mobile application. Download the .zip file, unzip it, copy the the CAB file to your phone and then just click on it in explorer :)

  15. i am using nokia e63 smart phone. this software can work on my mobile. tell me if support to my mobile

  16. I have the new HTC HD2/Leo running WM6.5 and this application works fine apart from a couple of minor issues. It does not support touch scrolling of the text, in addition to that I had to enable a scrolling bar down the right hand side using a phone tweak application…I also found that it changed the text of a Phone Tweaking application which I have installed on my phone to Gurmikhi font !

  17. There is currently no android version. For android phones, there are not very many options. Unfortunetly I don’t have an android device to explore and report back :(

  18. please correct the following vers at the bottom of this page
    ਮਨੁ ਜੀਤੇ ਜਗੁ ਜੀਤਿਆ

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