Gurbani Anywhere – Bani on your Windows Mobile Phone

Gurbani Anywhere

So my buddy Mr. Sikhnet contacted me and pointed me to this intriguing app called Gurbani Anywhere. This App promises to “enable fast and efficient methods to search & display Gurbani, on a truly mobile platform.”

So I registered on the website and waited (not-so)patiently for a several hours to get my membership approved. (Update: they have listened to user requests and enabled email activation rather than manual administrator activation for the website – definetly much easier to get to the download and forums now!)Finally got the download link so let’s have a look!

The app is distributed as a .zip file download from the site containing a terse README and a standard CAB file. Any owner of a windows mobile phone will know what this is and immediately what to do with it. Note: The application and cab file come in at a hefty 66MB so you will definitely want to transfer and install this to a storage card rather than to your phones (or PDA’s) main memory.

So I transferred the cab file over to my phone and installed it to the card. Let’s take a first-look visual tour!

Overall I found this to be a very nifty app, and I’m sure once the developers do some more updates, this will quickly  become the defacto standard in Sikh mobile applications. Personally I’ve allready replaced Sikhi To The Max – Mobile on my phone with this, as it’s much better, more stable, has active developers, has more features, and is generally a better product. The various cool features, and addition of SDGS and Bhai Gurdas Vara make it especially compelling. I would strongly encourage everyone with a windows mobile device to run over to the website, register, download, and give some positive feedback to the developers as soon as you can!

Unlike my usual self, I will not mirror the installer here as the developers have asked that everyone please register on their site/forums

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  1. Gurfateh veerji..

    I am planning to get sony ericsson Satio.. it operates on symbian OS v9.4.. will work with this phone? if it wont thn what other option do i have? I’ll have to wait for ur reply before grabing that phone.. lol..

    thanks a million!

    veer ji i already install the software in my eten x500..
    but it show error this application requires a newer version of the Microsoft.NET Compact Framework than the version installed on this device..
    my os 5.1.422

  3. wjkkwjkf

    dear i have mobile nokia classic 6303 and samsung sch
    i want gurbani on my phone
    please help me in this

    i wil be very very thankful to u

  4. Thanks for your idea and efforts.I will definitely pay more. Thanks one more time for making these things real. I will be waiting for other new updates from you in the future.

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  6. It’s not flash compatible yet although It’ll work with Adobe flash when Adobe has made it compatible. Heck, they’re just now releasing Adobe flash for Android. The OS do multitask just like iOS. It saves the current state of the app then when you open it again, it’ll be where you left it.It doesn’t have ctrl+c. optimistically Copy and paste was attempted to be replaced by smart linking. I hope there will be adding full copy and paste in the next weeks.

  7. wjkk wjkf, i hav a nokia 5230,symbian basd….cn i gt a ga sftware or a repligo…fr it…cn anybdy snd d link fr d site

  8. Can sikhi to the max software be loaded on the moblie
    nokia 5233.
    It has Symbian S60v5 operating system and 434 MHz ARM processor.

    if no please suggest me, the other mobile. As i am going to buy it so just wanna confirm it first that whether this software can be installed on my mobile or not??

    If any one have run this software on this mobile, will be very please to know about that.

    Thanks a lot.
    Waiting for your reply.

    Wahegurur G ka Khalsa !! Waheguru G Ki Fateh!!

  9. waheguru ji ka khalsa
    waheguru ji ki fateh ji

    veer ji, daas kirtan jathe ch hai ji,
    is karke daas nu eh software chahida hai ji,

    ki ap ji das sakde ho ji, ki eh software kehde kehde mobiles ch painda

    like nokia hai daas kol ta,

    pls rply as soon as possible.

    waheguru ji ka khalsa
    waheguru ji ki fateh ji

  10. veerji, ihave installed Gurbani anywjere on my window based mobile. but the key board of Gurbani anywhere is very 2 small and it becomes difficult to read the alphabets, otherwise the soft where is ecxcellent

  11. Guru Fateh,

    I have nokia e72 & e63 can i load Gurbani anywhere softare or gurbani search software to know more about kirtan.Kindly update me if i can see the Gurbani in my Nokia E72 & E63.

    Awaiting for reply.

    Waheguru ji Mehar karan ji.

    Veer Amardeep Singh

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  13. hi,i’m new here,i want yr help,i’m just only a initiator in the development of windows phone 7 applications,my few of the apps has been published at windows phone marketplace.Now i want to build apps related to live kirtans,daily hukumnamas etc…For this i want api of this things for building a such type of apps.My aim behind this developmnt is to have this things on the hand of every sikh living in all the corners of the world that if they have mobile so they can updated themselves.WP7 is new to the market and even in india it is of some month try to capture a plz help me can find all my published app on windows phone marketplace by the gamer tag”ravindra1313″.Plz dwnld it and rate it…and fwd me the api’s of all the things here and on***WAHEGURU JI KA KHALSA WAHEGURU JI KI FATEH***

  14. Waheguru Ji ka khalsa waheguru ji Ki fateh

    Veerji I have Lumia 535 pls guide me to get the app install so that I can also get the app and search gurbani accordingly

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