Windows Mobile Font Problem – a better solution

For those of you who have the problem of using SIkhi to the Max or Gurbani Anywhere on your windows mobile phone and the gurmukhi fonts screw your phone up – Good news! I have an easier solution than the one in my last post.

Instead of mucking about in the registry and lots of third-party programs and nonsense, just download the attached zip file which contains modified versions of the fonts, and replace the ones that come with those applications.

Clearer instructions:

  1. Install STTM/GA
  2. Delete GURAKHAR.ttf and WebAkharThick.ttf from /windows/Fonts (on your mobile device)
  3. Copy the files from this post into /windows/Fonts (which have the exact same names as the ones you deleted)
  4. Reboot your device

I would really appreciate comments letting me know if this did or did not work for you!


Download:Fix Windows Mobile Fonts
Updated:January 27, 2010
Size:51.6 KB

15 thoughts on “Windows Mobile Font Problem – a better solution”

  1. Singh, you’re a genius. I’ve been looking for a solution for this for years! Well done. What did you change on the files?? Thanks!!

  2. Fathe jee!!

    Its worked a treat! Thanks so much paaji! One problem though, when searching sources other than Guru Granth Sahib I get boxes come up for every akhar I type on GA.

    Is there a fix?


  3. GA 202 on HTC HD2 (touchscreen) win mob 6.5. Sri Dasam granth and BGV worked on when before I installed the new fonts above. I get boxes with the GA keyboard and english letters if I use the HTC keyboard.


  4. Its ok Singh saab, all sorted, didn’t realise there was a newer GA version so I’ve now updated and its all working fine! Thank again for the fonts.

  5. If you’ve re-installed (or upgraded) GA to the latetst version, you will have to re-do the fix as the installer replaces the fonts.

    Just download the file in this post and do it again :)

  6. I did, as I had them saved on my SD card previously, will try the whole thing again from scratch and let you know.

  7. Dear Veerji,


    I solved the font issues on Windows Mobile / Gurbani Anywhere with your solution posted here. It was a great help! and saved loads of headaches.

    Thanks and god bless you!

  8. veerji cn u pls post the link of download of GA3.0 for Win. mobile 6.1…. i cannot find it!!

  9. waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh

    i had hard reset my HTC touch2 yeaterday , and i have to reinstall GA on it again
    earlier i had resolved the font prob but i dont remember how it was fixed

    Using your fonts this time though , fixed the prob but when i use GA now as soon as i touch press the gurmukhi letters on my screen , i get their English suggestoins just beneth it

    it is some setting that i have missed or would this work like this…

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