SikhNerd's ChiliProject Appliance

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These are the beginnings of a proper VirtualBox Appliance for ChiliProject.

Right now you should be able to download, launch and connect to a working installation. All passwords and basic usage notes are printed as soon as you turn it on.

Globals: The only change you may have to get it to function properly is in the virtualbox setting change the Network "Attached to" setting to match your local setup. Bridge or Host-only is recommended.


v0.1 - My very first attempt, did a CentOS netinstall and roughly followed my guide to install it.
v0.2 - I thought it was too big so I started from scratch, did a DVD base install and unchecked most things.
v0.3 - Now I'm just turning into a ricer :p Did a dvd install with everything unchecked, installed only the packages I need and decided to leave out rmagick/imagemagick.