How Europe Is Indebted to The Sikhs

europeToday I give to you a wonderful book by Bhupinder Singh Holland entitled “How Europe Is Indebted to the Sikhs?” In this book Bhupinder Singh outlines the large number of sacrifices and deeds done by sikhs in the last few hundred years that have influenced, shaped, and saved Europe and specific European countries.

At about 200 pages, this book is a very quick and fast read, most Sikhs and people knowledgeable about Sikhism reading it can skip straight to the 7th chapter, as the beginning of the book is a brief summary of who and what sikhs are.


Updated:April 14, 2009
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Download – SikhNerd Punjabi Fonts Mega Pack


Going around the web browsing various Sikh and Punjabi websites you run into a lot of different Punjabi fonts used all over the place. To that end I’ve put together this fontpack of all the various Punjabi (and Punjabi-ish) fonts that one would regularly run into around the web. Download link, File list , and some advice after the break.

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Happy New Year!

newyearWishing Everyone a Happy Nanakshahi New Years! GURU CHARDHI KALA Bakhshey!!
I think today would be the perfect day to launch my website/blog/random idea site so here it is! On this site I hope to regularly post lots of cool stuff, so make sure to check back regularly!

Often throughout the web you can be browsing and you run into a blog or personal website that hasn’t been updated in years, despite the fact that it showed some great potential to become a really cool site. Also browsing around you see  a lot of cool Sikhi-related things that you bookmark, only to find at a later date that the site no longer exists and the cool file/link/picture/download or whatever you liked is nowhere to be found.

To that end I hope to start and maintain the SikhNerd Sikh Resource Archive where I will keep a copy of all the cool stuff  I think is worth saving and archiving forever. If you have some suggestions for things worth saving/mirroring/archiving please shoot me an email  – sra  @